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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Catholic Bishops of Canada has recently announced, that the church will not baptize the child of a same-sex couple if both parents want to sign the certificate of baptism. A cardinal warns Catholics to not embrace "neo-darwinian" evolution. And Ratzinger apparently has written against the Harry Potter series. The Catholic Church is rapidly moving to the positions of the Southern Baptist Convention.


At 2:02 PM , Blogger Lisa Renee said...

As a Catholic it is easy to understand why the Church is refusing to baptise children if both parents want their name on the baptismal certificate. The church does not support same sex marriages, no matter what civil law states.

To allow a same sex couple to have both of their names on a baptismal certificate would be the same thing as accepting their union.

While I do believe same sex couples should have the right to join in a civil union (Yes I realize I disagree with my church on that) unless the Church changes it's position on same sex marriages it's logical to understand why they would refuse to baptise. It is then up to the same sex couple to decide if they want to have only one name on the certificate to be able to have their child baptised in the Catholic Church or have the baptsim done elsewhere.

At 11:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Baptism, according to the Catholic faith, is what makes you eligible for Grace, which is necessary to be saved. IOW, Baptism makes the saving of your soul possible.

As such, YOU DO NO MESS AROUND WITH THAT! That is some innocent child there, not a tool for political points. If that child doesn't get baptised and then God forbid something fatal happens to that child, the soul in question DOES NOT go to God, according to Catholic doctrine.

IOW, the priest who refuses the baptism just damned that baby's soul for the sake of a political statement. Shame on the church if that happens.

This is not an interpetation. It is in the official catechism of the Catholic church.

To any priest reading this: Make your point some other way. Don't damn an innocent child's soul; save it.



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