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Thursday, July 21, 2005

And now for some tidbits. I wrote a column for useless knowledge mag. It's a piece which takes to task evangelicals and atheists who debate standard apologetics, missing more significant issues in the process. Janet Edwards, a presbyterian pastor and descendant of Jonathan Edwards, could be facing a church trial over her blessing of a same sex and interfaith marriage. The continual attack on ministers in the mainline is discouraging.

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) on talk radio said that the U.S. could take out Islamic holy sites, including Mecca if the US faced a catastrophic attack from Islamic fundamentalists. Isn't this about on par with launching a nuke at the Vatican if the IRA was to launch a major attack on the UK? Wonder what this has done for the US image in the middle east?

Apparently being a member of a left of center group makes you a suspect to our government. The FBI is now collecting thousand of pages of info on such groups for their counter terrorism efforts, from the ACLU to Greenpeace to United for Peace and Justice. And public faith based funds goes to groups which discriminate, including a Mississippi adoption agency which won't work with Catholic parents.

And in more encouraging news, there's an interesting piece on the conversations occurring in United Church of Christ congregations throughout South Dakota on the recent gay marriage vote. And seminarians and labor organizers are working together to improve working conditions for folks. Perhaps a model for seminaries and unions across the country? And the Presbyterian Church is trying to provide relief for immigrants, many of whom have born the brunt of our nation's heat wave.


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