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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Yesterday I drove to Chicago to see the band Oasis. It was the first time in five years since I've seen the band and with their new album being one of the best they've ever released, the trip and show ended up being well worth it. Their new album made it to number two on billboard and today Coldplay has the number one album in the country. It's nice that at least in music things seem to be picking up, the age of boy bands seem to have slipped away for now.

Since I've been tagged by Progressive Protestant I thought I'd respond concerning the books I read and treasure. Number of Books: Around 600 with me. Unsure how many other books are stored at my parents house. Last Book I Read and Bought: Chasing Down A Rumor: The Death Of Mainline Denominations by Robert Bacher and Kenneth Inskeep, a sympathetic take on the mainline and it's possibilities

Five Books That Mean The Most To Me: The Meaning of God in Modern Jewish Religion by Mordechai Kaplan which was one of the first books that allowed me to talk about God again. In the Face of Mystery by Gordon Kaufman which was my first exposure to religious naturalism. Experience and Nature by John Dewey, a book protraying a processive world where communication and interconnection forms the heart of his vision.

Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, one of the best statements of the ethical life ever produced in the west. And for fifth, a tie between a number of texts by the Neibuhr brothers which have pointed to and reminded me of the ambiguities of life. And Dorothee Soelle for her work which finds hope in this world of ours. And John Dewey's Common Faith which opened me up to the American philosophic tradition. Magazines I Read Regularly: The Nation, Christian Century, and the American Prospect.


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