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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today, Canada's House of Commons approved 158 to 133 legislation which allows gay and lesbians to marry across the country. I can't even imagine what sort of political changes would have to occur in the US to picture having the debate which has just transpired up north. I do suspect having the largest protestant body in the country, the United Church of Canada, lobbying in support of the legislation helps.

My disappointment in the coverage over this has been the media blackout on the United Church's efforts. Instead the media focus was on groups like the Catholic Church which claimed that such marriages hurt children and Defend Marriage who vowed to vote out lawmakers who supported the legislation in the next general elections. That's the media presentation of the faith these days. But today it's a historic day, worth celebrating for those who favor equality.


At 5:44 AM , Anonymous Glenn said...

Enligthten me. What is the difference between "marriage" as in Massachusetts and "civil union" as in Vermont and Connecticut?

At 9:34 AM , Anonymous Terrance said...

The difference would be that marriage confers rights and protections that civil unions, as currently defined, do not. At present, in the U.S. no civil union or same-sex marraige performed in any state allows access to more than a few of the 1,000 rights and protections that the government has identified as being dependent on marital status.


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