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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I just recently took a test to see which theologian I was closest to. Admittedly the list of thinkers were rather limited but I wasn't shocked when Friedrich Schleiermacher was the person closest to my thought. His 1799 work Speeches to Religion's Cultured Despisers, is one of the first systematic liberal treatments of religious faith, by someone who was in the church. He starts with human experience, in particular our sense of dependency on the natural world as the building block for this thought.

Chuck Currie has expressed support for a proposal which will be considered at the United Church of Christ convention which would begin the process of disinvestment by the denomination from companies which benefit from the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. I agree with the goals of such a proposal and agree with Chuck that the charge of anti-semitism is not a legit label for such a move. But nonetheless I hope the UCC tables this effort for now.

An important issue for the church is it's relations with the greater Jewish community, something which has been fractured by similar proposals in other denominations. We share too many values with liberal Judaism to go ahead with something which could endanger future cooperative work. And there are other ways to address the legitimate concerns which prompts such a proposal. The ELCA has considered an investment strategy, funding those efforts which seek to bring reconciliation and peace in the region.

I think liberal protestants and liberal Judaism, in particular the Reform movement, ought to get together to see if there isn't a possible common strategy which could be developed which aims to get the peace process up and going, which seeks to deal with the human rights concerns in this region. That would be powerful, not only to the nation of Israel, but as an example of interfaith work that can overcome differences in the efforts to transform the world.

I want to apologize for the last two laspes in posting. Summer has kept me away from posting in a manner I didn't anticipate. But I do plan to post on a more regular basis in the future, or at least they'll be warning before I take such breaks from the site. This summer I'm reading and hoping to blog on Rheinold Neibuhr, in particular his work An Interpretation of Christian Ethics. And I just purchased a new book titled Chasing Down a Rumor which is a sympathetic take on the mainline and it's possibilities.


At 8:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 1:11 PM , Blogger Chuck Currie said...

There are actually two proposals under consideration related to divestment. One begins the process and the other calls for further study of the issue. I’ve endorsed the one calling for further study.

Chuck Currie

At 9:26 PM , Blogger ChesapeakeBlue said...

I, too, got Friedrich Schleiermacher. He's got a nice napkin! (See what happens when you have only an informal theological training - you wrongly focus on the small stuff).


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