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Friday, May 06, 2005

Sorry this site has been down during the last week. End of the semester has put a stop on a number of things but in the meantime I thought I'd post a picture of my cat, Talula, sleeping. I suppose it could symbolize the state of this site. I also came across an interesting piece on Richard Dawkins by I am a Christian Too, a figure which does need to be engaged and one this site does well.

But I would take a different tact on the issue of evidence and God. Instead of locating God in the few events which are not open to inquiry, I'd be interested in locating God in the rest of the world as well. This is where a naturalistic take on religion could prove to be useful. If we could see God in the rest of the world then perhaps even a flower could testify to God's workings.

It's to agree with Friedrich Schleiermacher that every finite thing testities to the infinite, taking the mundane to point to the holy. Dawkins might say that none of this points to God. I'd argue that God is an evaluational judgement on the world. We could see the same world and come away with a different conclusion and response. One sees a world indifferent to human need and aspiration maybe even a universe which is hostle...

The other sees a world which has elements which can transform us, sustain us, save us, and provide for the better things. And therefore a response of gratitude and reverence is due, a religious response is called for. In this case if there's a religious debate to be had, it's not over the word God, it's rather over what kind of world do we live in? What responses to this world are appropriate? That would make for an interesting discussion.


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