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Monday, May 02, 2005

From the blog Radical Congruency: "I think most people will agree that Christians have, at various times throughout history and throughout our own lives, been jerks. Time to own up to that and apologize, for what it’s worth. Hopefully it will be worth something to someone. Here’s what you can do: Download and print the Sorry We Christians Have Been Jerks PDF

Write your name or city (or whatever) on the sign and take a picture of yourself holding it Tell all your friends and get them to do the same thing (hint: just write your city on the sign and pass it around when you’re with a bunch of people, and take pictures of each of them holding the sign). Most importantly, mean it, and contribute to a global, lived-out apology to the world for the way Christians have acted (or failed to act)"

And Blogopotamus! has some excellent follow up ideas. "Try to learn what it is like to view Christianity from a position of suspicion and distrust, and take steps to change your tradition in ways that will benefit those who have been harmed in the past. Learn to make theological choices strategically, with an eye towards harmonious co-existence. Consider learning more about and becoming involved with constructive theological work that maximizes creative exchange between Christians and non-Christians. And try to stay positive!"

I wanted to apologize for not posting as of late. I'm in the midst of finals week so my posting schedule will be affected like this in the next few weeks as I grade papers and write them as well. But I wanted to note the Beth Stroud ruling which re-instated her as a Methodist minister. I'm happy that she will be able to live out her calling. But I worry about a church which could have such a ban in place and the backlash which could ensue when such a ban have been set aside, as was in this case.

Also I wanted to highlight an interview Wesley Blog had with Beth Stroud which is an example of how people with differences are able to engage in each other and maybe increase a bit of understanding. And the Heartland Presbytery has proposed overturning the ban against glbt ordination in the PCUSA. It will come as an overture to be considered at their church's national assembly next year. And here's a report on how glbt pastors across varied religious groups are working to make such groups more open, against the odds.


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