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Monday, April 25, 2005

This last Sunday I joined the local UCC congregation. The connection with the new members being received and the celebration of Whole Earth Sunday made for a festive, celebratory service that I'll definetly remember. The language in the book of service which new members go through could have been a barrier but the pastor did several things in the service and in communication with the us that sought to include the diverse understandings of the church.

Interfaith Voices is putting on a day long conference called "Progressive Religious Voices: Religious Values Promoting Liberty and Justice for All". They'll be a whole slew of workshops from church organizing to how to frame issues of faith and morals to community development. It's being held on May 7th at the Fourth Universalist Society in NYC. If you're in the area it'd be a good way to connect up with other religious progressives who are trying to make a difference.

I wasn't able to make it to Louisville to protest the Frist's misuse of religion yesterday but there's coverage of the event which suggest there was great turnout and media coverage as well and a surprise last minute visit by Jim Wallis. In other good news, the UCC is considering a proposal to endorse gay marriage in this country at their up and coming convention. The vote would be the first in the mainline. A prophetic act in today's religious climate.

And Pope Benedict the 16th has condemned and urged resistance to the Spanish's government move towards gay marriage. Sounds like Raztinger is living up to the concerns that some have raised about his papacy. And with the movement of pharamacists around the country lecturing women and denying them prescriptions, in particular, contraception, one piece of legislation seeks to end this practice. It's worth calling congress in support.


At 3:55 PM , Blogger Pop Culturist said...

Great name for a blog, I am also UCC member from Milw, our Plymouth church is open and affirming. Very informative site.


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