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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pope Benedict the 16th has recently called for Christian unity, but such a message is being undercut by his relationship with groups working to break apart the Anglican communion. He has recently held meetings with reps of the Traditional Anglican Communion, a group representing 400,000 rightwing Anglicans who have severed relations with Canterbury. He's also has registered support for the American Anglican Council, the group which hopes to kick the US and Canadian churches out of the communion.

Attempts at previous meetings with the TAC was blocked under Pope John Paul II because it was thought that such a thing could undermine the relationship with Canterbury and the Anglican Communion. But the new pope, has supported this movement, apparently in the hopes that the TAC could be act as an Anglican-Rite Catholic Church in communion with Rome. If this new pope is really interested in unity then not supporting groups working to break up other churches would be a good first start.

In more hopeful news Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodists, Baha'i, Jews, UUs and Zen Buddhists worked together in northern Michigan this last weekend in what was known as Earth Keeper Clean Sweep. It involved thousands of folks taking in 20 tons of hazardous waste from people's homes and farms. And this last week, representatives of various world religions from Islam to Buddhism to Christianity met in South Africa to encourage interfaith work in ending conflicts and promoting peace in the region.

Chuck Currie highlighs an important action by Faith and Community Voices Against Poverty. They are asking people of faith nationwide to stop what they are doing at 2 p.m. EST on Wednesday, April 27, to pray for a budget that does more to support children, the poor, families, the elderly, veterans and persons with disabilities. In a world where religions are coming apart to conflict, stories like this give a bit of hope and a glimpse of what happens when religions work together to tackle the problems we face.


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