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Friday, April 15, 2005

The naked exploitation of religion by the GOP continues to reach new lows. This time it's Sen. Bill Frist, whose joining religious right leaders in a telecast program next Sunday which will claim that Democrats are blocking passage of several Bush judicial nominees because they are against "people of faith". A number of folks will share the stage with Frist including James Dobson and Al Mohler.

Such folks apparently take themselves to be speaking for people of faith. What about those religious communities which have historically valued separation of church and state, civil and equal rights, etc. including the mainline Protestant and Jewish groups in this country? We don't exist in this story. It's also a move which shuts down discussion because it makes any Bush nominees immune to criticism.

The Clergy and Laity Network is calling for prayer vigils on April 24th, the day of the telecast to express opposition to this misuse of religion. I noticed that this telecast is occuring in Louisville, KY, which is not too far from where I live. I'm likely to go up to the event if there's some rally or expression of opposition by propgressive people of faith. I'm not sure about possible details, but if anyone wants to meet up with me and others in opposing this event e-mail me.

And in other news: conservative Presbyterians were saddened to discover that a church trial against a pastor from TX who was being investigated for blessing same sex marriages will not happen. And an update with the Jane Spahr trial. Apparently on March 31 the prosecution and defense agreed to a 120 day mediation period to avoid the trial route if possible, so my info on this situation was outdated. Sorry about that.


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