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Friday, April 22, 2005

I just purchased a Disciples of Christ hymnal from a used book sale for a dollar and have found a treasure trove of songs and prayers. Since April 22nd was Earth Day I thought I'd post one of the hymns which seems to have pertinence on such an occassion. It's titled Restless Weaver, which is one of the better symbols of God I've come across:

Restless Weaver, ever spinning threads of justice and peace; dreaming patterns of creation where all creatures find a home; gathering up life's varied fibers, every texture, every hue; grant us your creative vision. With us weave your world anew.

Where earth's fragile web is raveling help us mend each broken strand. Bless our urgent, bold endeavors cleaning water, air and land. Through the Spirit's inspiration offering health were there once was pain-strengthen us to be the stewards of your world knit whole again.

When our violent lust for power ends in lives abused and torn, from compassion's study fabric fashion hope and trust reb orn. Where injustice rules as tryant, gibe us courage, God to dare live our dreams of transformation. Make our lives incarnate prayer.

Restless Weaver, still conceiving new life-now and yet to be-binding all of your vast creation into one living tapestry, you have called us to be weavers. Let your love guide all we do. With your Reign of Peace our patter, we will weave your world anew.

The National Council of Church's has a helpful resource site. More than 2,000 congregations will celebrate Earth Day this year with special worship experiences, education programs, and other environmental activities. One of those congregations is the UCC church, which I'll be joining this coming Sunday.


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