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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Empirical Friend has done a number of posts on the religious naturalism of Henry Nelson Wieman and how it could connect up with Quaker thought. To expand a bit on his postings, there is mention Wieman's idea of the four folded basis of creativity. The last is the deepening of community. This starts when there is a recognition that God is at work in contexts and in lives different than my own.

When we recognize this in someone else, we try to learn from them and take on their perspective through communication, to try to see the world a bit as they see it. In doing so, my world is expanded to the degree that I can incorporate this into my past experiences and notions of the world. From this a new vision can be created which encompasses the experiences and perspectives of myself and the other.

Deepening community occurs because of the inter-communication where shared experiences are had. Also how I act in relation to the other has been modified so as to take in their concerns and interests and they have likewise been modified in this interaction with us so that our actions and interests become inclusive of each others, making it possible to live together with a bit more harmony.

I wonder if such a vision could help out the Anglican communion? Btw Progressive Protestant has a great idea which hopefully can take shape this summer and draw folks. He's interested in a gathering, perhaps in Chicago, of progressive God bloggers. I'm into it and if other's are, they should stop by his site and express an interest. And he's posted a photo of me, him, and Chuck Currie meeting up in St. Louis this weekend for bagels & conversation.


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