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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Scottish Episcopal Church has made it known that sexual orientation is no bar to ordination and that on local level there have been same sex unions blessed within the church. The Scottish church's stance is not surprising but it's openness is an encouraging and important act of solidarity with the US and Canadian churches.

I think it's critical that other liberal churches around the Anglican communion stand up in a similar manner. It also points to the fact that for the right to get the church they want, with out gay and lesbians, without "revisionists", they will have to do more than simply punish the US. They will have to end the communion as we know it.

If folks know their Anglican history, the relationship between the US and Scottish churches go back to 1784, when Scottish bishops consecrated Samuel Seabury, pictured above, as the first bishop in the United States and the first bishop outside of the British Isles.: the birth of the Anglican communion began at that moment. I suppose controversial consecrations are not new in this church.

A cartoonist who did a satirical work on the life of Jesus may end up spending prison time under a blasphemy law in Greece. It's still amazing to think that such laws are in place. And I thought I'd point folks to the Minnesota Indian Ecumenical Ministry, which does good work in the state. Sometimes supporting groups that are making a difference is the only recourse one has in the response to tragedy.


At 9:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm very pleased to hear about what's happening in the Scottish Church. It gives me faith that a global Anglicanism will survive even if the current family fractures. I am touched by the courage of our sisters and brothers in the Scottish Church to stand up and make such a statement right now, when they know that they're essentially throwing themselves into the Lion's Den. The Holy Spirit is truly at work in the world.




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