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Friday, March 11, 2005

I had a question: one of my favorite blogs, one which has been on my blogroll since I started this site in 2003, My Irony, seems to be missing. I've searched on google but does anyone know if this site is up and if so, where the current location is? Also wanted to highlight a religious album of sorts which has captivated me: Tori Amo's The Beekeeper. If you ever liked Tori's work in the past, this album is worth it, and explores a number of themes of religious significance.

I also wanted to thank Wesley Blog for the generosity which underscored his post about my frustration with the church. This weekend I'll try to address his comments. I also had a chance to listen to a talk by Henry Nelson Wieman on the question of God which he delivered 40 years ago. But it's very pertinent to the situation we face today and it's spurred some thoughts and maybe some optimism in me. If it's possible to take a cassette and put it into mp3 form, it'd be great to share with folks online.

Jim Berkley, who brought heresy charges against Jane Spahr for blessing a same sex union, has a recent post praising Greg Venables, bishop of the Southern Cone for his clarity in the fights of the Anglican communion. "We can learn from him as we overhear his conversations with his church" says Berkley. But is it conversation we're hearing? Conversation usually describes a process of co-learning from one another. All we have here is the throwing down of gauntlets and punishments being meted out.

"Rule Change Lets C.I.A. Freely Send Suspects Abroad to Jails" to countries which we know regularily tortures people says a NY Times piece. One hears that evangelical bodies really do speak aout other issues than stopping gays from marrying, but if this is so, I think this issue would be a good one for folks across the spectrum in the church to protest.

Diane Knippers tries to dismiss any Christian who voted for John Kerry as she urges the democrats to move right and "seek out advice from religious leaders who have a genuine constituency", which presumably would be evangelical right denominations. Knipper's primary work is with the IRD which spends an inordinate amount of time trying to move mainline churches to the right, push heresy trials and in some instances, splits. If liberals are so insignificant why is her life's work dedicated to going after us in the mainline?


At 9:03 AM , Anonymous Philocrites said...

My Irony went off the air accidentally, and Chutney (its author) told me it was going to take a month to reclaim the domain registration. He promises to return!

At 8:55 AM , Anonymous Tim Jones said...

"Conversation usually describes a process of co-learning from one another."
Not at all. Learning can be entirely absent. Conversation does, though, require more than one voice and for all involved to listen. We might learn about each other, but not necessarily from each other.

At 9:54 AM , Anonymous Philocrites said...

My Irony is back -- at a new address, www.myirony.net.


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