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Monday, February 07, 2005

This posting is going to seem quite disconnected. I wanted to highlight two sites which link up the postings of progressive Christian blogs, including this blog. Kinja which was set up by Philocrites and Unright Christian Blogs which was set up by Connexions. Both are helpful in finding out what a wide range of folks are writing on.

Philocrites highlighted a pew forum report which had some encouraging news for democrats. Half of all mainline protestants voted for John Kerry in 04, a 10% drop off for Bush compared to 00 and the best showing by a democrat in some 40 years. They divided up the mainline and catholic voters as traditionalist, centrist, and modernist. I'm assuming that I'd be a modernist protestant. Almost 80% of such folks voted for John Kerry. This is more reflective of my experience in such circles than what previous studies have indicated where no such demarcations were made.

A 16 year old columnist celebrates the recent comments by Gen.Lieutenant General James Mattis, who claimed that killing Iraqis and Afghans is a "hoot." Apparently manhood is defined by celebrating the joys of killing. I'm wondering what values the right is imparting to kids today? Wesley Blog claims "People are tired of wrestling with the questions- they're looking for answers." Here's one theologian's take on this issue:

"Certainly it is much more difficult to spread a religion which is problematical than to spread one that is treated as fixed and finished. You can always distribute canned fish to the public much more easily than the living squirming animals. Of course the future fish supply depends upon the living fish, not the canned goods. But for immediate results on the fish market canned fish are much more efficiently handled. So it is with static religion. Many of the strongest churches are fundamentalist" HN Wieman (1927)


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