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Sunday, February 13, 2005

I have come across some excellent posts by others on the ELCA report which recommended the ban against glbt clergy and same sex unions remain. Progressive Protestant writes about his recent decision to leave the ELCA and join the UCC, which takes an open stance to gay and lesbians. They've "decided that its works will be hot. There’s a thirst for justice and a yearning for God’s foolish wisdom that I can’t help but be invigorated by."

And at Gay Spirituality there's a claim which I think ought to be considered by all the mainline churches which are wrestling over the gay issue: "Is it possible that God's Spirit is already active in the lives of these people in ways we would never have guessed? Is it possible that God is surprising us even now? These are the questions that we must ask today. And we can only ask them by closing our Bibles long enough to quietly and respectfully listen to the lives of those gay and lesbian Christians before us now."

And thinking of where God's spirit may be at work, the Red Cross will be meeting with Bush over the issue of abuse and torture of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. While too many churches have been silent over this issues, it's been groups like the Red Cross and the ACLU who have been making public the crimes being done by this government in our name. This recent episode has made me think that when folks are looking at the church to see what God is up to, much of the time they are looking in the wrong place.

I wanted to highlight some sites of interest. Tom Harpur, a Canadian theologian and columnist has a site with his articles. I don't always find myself in agreement with his thought but he's a good resource because he's one of the few mainline religious thinkers who is able to raise issues today in the public arena. Kent Gustavson is being added to my links. His posts combine music, religious insight, and cultural criticism which makes for a good read.


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