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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I wanted to express appreciation for folks who responded to the burglary I was hit with. The good news is it was just a few items which were taken. They can be replaced. My cat is fine, which I admit is a worry of mine in such an event. And for some reason my books on religion and philosophy were not seen as desirable or worthy of stealing.

One of the encouraging things in response to the tsunami disaster has been the amount of interfaith cooperation, services, and good will which have been made evident over this last week or so. I thought I'd highlight some. In Thailand "thousands of people in a soccer stadium lit candles and released paper lanterns that floated to the heavens Wednesday as Christians, Muslims and Buddhists mourned victims of the tsunami"

In Sri Lanka Catholics and Buddhists work together in providing aid for the victims of this disaster. And in Sydney Australia a service was held at city hall which "leaders from the Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jewish faiths all attended and called for unity." It may be that such disasters remind us of things which are important which are not this or that doctrinal point, but rather our common humanity.


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