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Monday, November 01, 2004

Sorry I've been away from the blog. In the last few days I was visiting some friends in Minneapolis. But since we're on the eve of the election I thought I'd give one last post on why John Kerry deserveS to be elected tomorrow.

*In foreign policy, a Kerry administration could be in a position to repair the damage done to our relations with other nations, especially those in the middle east. If terrorism is to be successfully fought and if we are going to work on other pressing issues from global warming to global poverty then we need the cooperation and help of nations around the globe and this means engaging in a foreign policy which respects, not disdains other nations.

*On the domestic front, Kerry's got a record. In this front his record stands closer with the US Catholic Conference of Bishops then most senators, because his votes generally side with the poor, with the have nots from opposing Bush's plan to gut overtime pay, to fighting for an increased minimum wage, to proposing a health care plan which could cover tens of millions of Americans who have no health insurance. This last issue in particular is a key moral test of our nation, which so far we have fallen short of.

*On social issues, I'll have to disagree with many evangelicals. Bush has bet his presidency on such voters. But there's something wrong with a campaign based on dividing voters on religion, on geography, and on cultural issues. Kerry's record is quite different. He's shown respect for the pluralism of this country and when it comes to who will pick the next attorney general to the next supreme court justice, this is quite important.

I admit I'm been racked with anxiety as the election day has come closer and closer and the polls remain incredibly tight. I do think this election is more then about this or that issue, it's a fundamental affirmation of who we are as a nation, for ourselves and for the rest of the world. The Bush administration has shown complete disregard for the rule of law from the war in Iraq to the geneva convention to the crack down on civil liberties at home. Will this be rejected by the American people? A number of evangelical groups have recommended prayer as well as votes, and I'm inclined to agree with them. I'll be doing both tomorrow.


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