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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Just to let you know, the fight in the Episcopal Church is not over with, as the IRD is now seeking the resignation of Rev. Margaret Rose of the Women's Division in the Episcopal Church for the posting of the goddess liturgy on the church's website. Blogopotamus! has a way for folks to e-mail their support for Rev. Rose. I think some permanent organization needs to come together which can provide support for folks under attack. Any ideas on how that might work is welcomed.

I haven't had much time to pull together a piece on the Democrats, religion and this election, given the uproar over at the Episcopal Church. But suffice it to say, the media coverage over the elections has been a bit painful to read. Some examples include

Village Voice: "Christians are stronger than ever, and whether it's true or not, the spin will be that they played a key role in building the Bush base." Of course those of us Christians who did not support Bush are not part of the picture.

Bloomberg: "Rove, Bush's Campaign `Architect,' Cultivated Christian Base" Again, no mention of us liberal religious folks anywhere in this piece. Whatever happened to the term religious right? Why can't that term, instead of Christian (as if such folks spoke for the whole of the religion), be used?

Here's one proposal which might make a positive impact on the way this story is worked out in the future. Please do not mistake Christian for the religious right in this country. A whole slew of recent articles do this. It confirms in people's minds that religion is the sole province of the right, a great source of power, while ignoring liberal religious folks.


At 5:53 PM , Blogger Rusty Robison said...

I am a Unitarian Universalists and I believe that we could be one of many religious liberal organizations that could be involved in spreading a tolerant, hopeful, and ethical/moral message about what it means to be a liberal. I want to help shape the discussion in America when it comes to being a liberal. I want to produce bumper stickers that read "Another Religious Liberal" and distribute them via the Liberal Radio stations that broadcast Air America Radio. I want to give voice to tolerance and help our liberal community bond and organize to fight the religious right. I want Sunday Mornings on Liberal radio stations to be filled with Liberal Religious ideas. Lets take back the argument that only the religious right have a corner on moral and ethical values! Find a liberal church in your community and ask a liberal radio station to broadcast the service. Then open up the lines for discussion.

Rusty Robison
Another Religious Liberal


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