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Sunday, November 07, 2004

I wanted to respond to Karen at Heretic's Corner on the controversial liturgy which produced a stir in the Episcopal Church. I suspect my last post sounded like an endorsement of the liturgy, something which is not neccessarily the case. But while the liturgy could be used in a pagan context the biblical imagery and themes certainly could work in several christian contexts. But whether we would ever want to use such a service or not, my objection to this episode is twofold. It's one thing to not approve of the liturgy as well as to have removed it from the Episcopal Church's website. But it's another thing to launch the serious charge of idolatry against the Episcopal Church and the 2 priests who wrote the service.

I also object to the campaign which has sought to punish, if not remove the 2 episcopal priests. Going after folks in a way which attacks their ministry is destructive. It also has a chilling effect on other folks who are the theological edge of the church. This campaign was instituted by some folks at the Institute on Religion and Democracy and they're working to find any way to silence or punish liberals within the church. It's discouraging when liberal folks from Bennison to the Every Voice Network nod to these efforts. It doesn't mean endorsing what one cannot endorse, but it does mean preventing punitive attacks against people which narrows the religious possibilities within the Episcopal Church.


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