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Saturday, October 16, 2004

I ran into this statement on the relationship between science and religion and it was so good that I had to share it with folks, even if this posting doesn't seem to flow from the topics this site has been addressing lately:

And yet one seems to require literality at some point in his creed; we wish to bring our religion at least into the same universe with our science and have them speak with the same voice when they verge, as at their limits they do verge, upon the same great questions of human destiny. Further, we do not believe that either science or religion is irrelevant to conduct, and when they bear upon the same fundamental issues of practice we wish to see a fair understanding between them.

We are open to the opinion that religion does in some way take us beyond reason, and that religious truth must in some measure be clothed in symbols; but we are not open to believe that reason and beyond-reason are separate and independent functions. And surely as any one person rides one consecutive route of experience through time, so surely must all truth that belongs to one person come to the same court and enter into the same total system of his world. - William Ernest Hocking


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