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Monday, October 04, 2004

A housekeeping problem: I've noticed that my archives and most of my links have disappeared on me. I'm not sure how it happened and sent my query off to Blogger to find out how it happened and if it can be fixed. Because I don't know how to get my archives back by myself and finding my links (and the pics I had) will take days that I don't have at this time. So hopefully this problem can be fixed sooner rather then later.


At 11:29 PM , Blogger Jake said...

Did you make a copy of your template? It sounds like some html code is messed up.

If not, once you get it fixed, go into your template, copy everything, and save it. I save mine in notebook every time I fuss with the template, "just in case." I've had to delete everything and replace it with a saved template a couple of times.

Since I'm figuring out this template deal as I go along, I save everything before I delete anything. After all, if Jesus saves, I should as well, right?;)

Sorry..its late..couldn't resist a bit of cornball.


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