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Saturday, September 11, 2004

The third anniversary of 9-11. I don't think I can add much insight to this event and the whirlwind it has taken our country, but here's some resources that are worth pointing to.

The presiding bishop of the ELCA Lutherans has a thought provoking message commemorating this event. With gratitude to God, we remember those who continue to proclaim the Gospel, who work to heal fragile lives, and who have been 'called the repairers of the breach, the restorers of streets to live in

The Disciples of Christ have a sight titled Respond to the Call which seeks not just to remember and mourn for the victims of 9-11 but also to take this event and respond in service and action. Among the recent events connected with this has been the work a Disciples and Muslim congregation have engaged in together in Indiana. As the site proclaims:

God’s vision of the world is one where violence and hatred do not get the last word. God’s vision is of a world where celebration of differences and unity rule the day. And it’s our responsibility to work towards that vision.


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