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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Sorry for my leave of abscence. I'll just note that the wedding I just came home from was one of the most well done, moving, and outright fun events I've been to in a long time. Thanks Working Things Out.

Oklahoma is known as a red state, where Bush enjoys a 20 plus lead over John Kerry. But during the last 4 years this state has been hit hard economically. 20% of the manufacturing jobs in the state are gone now during Bush's reign. Their job loss rate is doubeled from the national average. Just in Tulsa around 24,000 jobs have disappeared.

How could the state possibly support Bush? Bush has socially conservative views and there's a ready reception for this in this state which has a substantial evangelical population. Bush wins when it comes to "moral" issues in this state hands down. But my question is this: how did the economy become separated from morality? And what role has the church played in privatizing sin, insuring that no matter how much people are hurt, if it's in the economic sphere it's not a moral concern?

I ran across articles which highlights the efforts of mainline religious groups to raise the issue of poverty and economic injustice into the national spotlight. Some groups recently organized educational efforts in NY in response to the recently held GOP convention. But their success or failure won't be measured by Kerry or Bush's immediate fortunes this year but whether in the long term we can begin to start evaluating our economic and foreign policy decisions along moral lines.


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