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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Another heresy trial in the Presbyterian Church where a freshman at the University of Texas has gone after the campus minister, Rev. Jim Rigby, for his blessing of a same sex union. Like other such trials, if it's successful it would mean the stripping of his position and ordination.

The idea of students targeting campus pastors should be a bit unsettling. Jim Rigby thinks this will expand the conversation on this issue but such trials in the past have not. They only punish and send the signal that glbt folks and their supporters are not wanted in the church. Though I may be seeing the glass as half empty these days.

In good news, Soulful Blogger is back and posting his insights on his blog again. And in not so good news, Progressive Protestant has decided to retire his site. I've always enjoyed reading the blog and a number of his thought provoking posts have spurred me on in this enterprise. Good luck and if he does set up a website with his work, it certainly will be worth checking out. Philocrites is back from his vacation and already has a number of interesting posts in the last few days.


At 4:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I'm not too surprised about the Texas student going after the Presbyterian minister. I recall a prominent female Roman Catholic theologian and college instructor (can't remember who)reporting that in recent years she had become increasingly aware of conservative students attending her classes with the primary intention of entrapping and reporting her for doctrinal unsoundness.


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