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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Working Things Out presents a question not likely to be heard in this election cycle, but should be:Is the American dream the only dream, or even the best dream we can dream? Can we dream beyond the horizon that is the American dream? If there was ever a mission for the church this is it, the expansion of our moral imagination.

And in Brazil, a new gay and lesbian congregation affiliated with Metropolitan Community Church has opened and is engaging in mission and outreach to a population in the country which has rarely found a religious home. As the regional bishop noted "We affirm and celebrate all those who look for integration"

Considering the huge divisions which mark the life of the mainline church over sexuality issues, sometimes I head over to the United Church of Canada's site to see what they are up to these days. This denomination, the largest in the country, has taken the lead for same sex unions in Canada, has about the only creedal statement that I could sign my name too, and now has just set up an excellent resource page on marriage and the church.


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