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Sunday, August 08, 2004

One of the less-reported consequences of the Iraq war is the new insecurity faced by Iraq's houses of worship, including those of 800,000 Christians

This is from a statement by the National Council of Churches on the situation Christians face in the new Iraq, where they have recently endured a number of terror attacks. The NY Times also reports on a number of Christians who are fleeing the country, many who are headed to Syria, to escape the violence. Providing a context where religious minorities can worship without fear is going to be one of the tests for the new government.

Nicholas Kristof some interesting results when historical critical scholarship is applied to the Qur'an and he asks the question of what such a movement in reading the classical texts could play in reforming Islam. I think it's an exciting development, as much as it when it was first applied to Christian and Jewish scriptures. The only odd thing is how some evangelicals embrace this movement for Islam but not for Christianity. An inconsistent use of the method I'd say.


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