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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The former head of the Anglican Communion, George Carey will be visiting Virginia. Why? To oversee the consecration of a number of confirmations, something which typically the area bishop would perform. Problem? Those seeking out Carey's services are to the right and oppose VA's bishop Peter Lee and his vote for Gene Robinson to be bishop of NH.

The result? Bishops who supported Robinson are facing widespread efforts by the right to break off any pastoral or polity based relationships between them and conservative congregations, usually using foreign conservative bishops to aid them in the task. Church schism? Aided by a former Archbishop of Canterbury? Bishop Lee in this case nipped the showdown right from the start by not opposing Carey's visit and work in the area. But this visit is still a sign of a church which is deeply fractured. Carey's visit only exacerbates these divisions.

Correction noted: I previously called the former archbishop Andrew Carey, which is actually his son.

The Jewish forward has a column which urges monotheism so as to battle the effects of relativism, of which polytheism has come to symbolize for this author. I have a different take on the issue. Monotheism, ideally, ought to be a relativizer of sorts. Otherwise whatever we place as absolute, in this case the author wants to place American ideals as absolute, has a way of displacing God. In such a view, how does God get to enter the picture in a manner which calls our ideals into account?

Crosses at a Bush campaign rally? There's some line which has been crossed where faith is being pressed into the service of politics. Is it appropriate to use a symbol of self emptying in such a manner? And the intemperate language used at such a rally (Kerry wants to destroy this country apparently) highlights Chuck Currie's and Beppe Blog's concern on how overtop language is damaging the possibilities of democratic discourse.


At 3:37 AM , Blogger Simon said...


Perhaps you mean George?

At 3:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely you mean George?

At 11:48 AM , Blogger Rick Heller said...

I have not been positively impressed by neo-pagans, because it seems to me that they are not intellectually serious--they're just dressing up and playing roles out of a Renaissance Fair.

But on the other hand, Klinghoffer is all too impressed by the monotheists, who give a pass for any silly belief as long as it is blessed by tradition.

I'm inclined to believe there is a spiritual world out there, but that our representations of it have been too colored by pre-modern traditions whether monotheistic or pagan.


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