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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Today I'm recommending other site's articles.
Simon Says  has a thought provoking piece on what it means to be a liberal Christian. He emphasizes the mystery of God and the fallibility of humans in his account. The only thing I'd add to his description is some reference to what makes makes religious claims normative for religious liberals. The site is worth a read and is being added to my blog links.
Hugoboy hits a key issue in the divisive debates we face: the issue is how those of us who disagree passionately...can agree to have thoughtful, cordial relations with one another. Some might think this is about avoiding conflict. It isn't. It's about avoiding superficial, self-righteous conflicts over terminology that only serve to mask what could be more serious, thoughtful, and productive arguments over issues of policy, humanness, sexuality, faith, and identity.
Philocrites posts a sermon he gave on moral imagination: the ability to see beyond one's own experiences, associates, surroundings and actively take on the concerns, experiences, and needs of the other. It's what one theologian Henry Nelson Wieman called creative interaction and it's the basis for the expansion of our appreciable world. Philocrites identifies it as the central religious task we face.
Republic of T links an astounding story. Seymour Hersh who brought the nation's attention to the torture scandal in Iraqi prisons like Abu Ghraib now claims there are children in these prisons and  they faced much of the same conditions, including torture and sexual assault: Young male prisoners were filmed being sodomised by American soldiers at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad. The Norwegian government and Amnesty International has called for an investigation and the release of the children from these prisons. But as of yet there is no media coverage of this issue in the US. We were taken down a road in Iraq which is threatening to destroy our nation's soul. 


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