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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Steven Waldman, editor of Beliefnet, has an interesting blog on religion and the political conventions. He catches the references others may not notice like Clinton's use of Isaiah to frame some of his speech last night.

While the focus on values does not appear to have done much to win over evangelicals, in terms of the rest of the country there does appear to be an affect. A slight majority of Americans believe that John Kerry, not George Bush, represents their values.

While much of the media focus has been on those who have been upset with the consecration of Gene Robinson, here's a piece from the Boston Globe, on the numbers of people who are attracted to the Episcopal Church because of their open stance.

But sometimes missions are difficult to sustain when a diocese is financially crippled by the right. In Colorado, a successful start up congregation will likely close because conservatives have withdrawn funds from the diocese to protests the bishops' support of Robinson.

And a ELCA Lutheran congregation in Minneapolis made history with it's ordination of a gay minister. While this is an action prohibited by the denomination, there is a question about the response of the bishop. St.Paul Reformation in Minnesota has had ordained gay and lesbian leadership for years without facing punishment. But we'll have to wait and see.


At 11:56 PM , Blogger jj said...

I think that it may be possible to win over some evangelicals in the long run by speaking the language of values. There is a discussion on my blog about universal health insurance which I think provides an example. See socialgospel.blogspot.com (Friday, July 30, "Family Values and Universal Health Insurance).


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