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Monday, July 19, 2004

Selectsmart is the home of a number of tests which rate you on every subject under the sun. I recently took the ethical philosophy selector which is one of the better ones on the site and received 100% compatibility with Aristotle. Which ethical philosopher are you closest to?
Louie Crew, one of the founders of Integrity, the glbt organization of the Episcopal Church has some thoughts about the future relationship between the church and the Anglican communion, especially with the movement by some on the right which seek the church's expulsion from the communion.
I don't expect TEC ever to leave the Communion on our own initiative unless the terms of remaining become intolerable, such as yielding any part of our jurisdiction.  On the other hand, we will probably participate less and less in the forums where abuse occurs, and collaborate where we are welcome. 

TEC is investing its considerable resources in sharing the stigma of a despised and rejected minority.  That is not new in Christianity:  Jesus experienced his own first successful missions with outcasts in Samaria. It seems that few in the Communion have thought to love. The Episcopal Church.  The test of love is always the same, and always tough:  do we love only when people please us or agree with us?

Anglicans outside TEC who are not saying anything one way or the other right now have a stake if TEC is booted out or even more badlybruised, but they seem not to have awakened to that. If Anglicans elsewhere cannot manifest empathy for TEC, they may find that others won't be around to manifest empathy for them when the neo-Puritans come knocking at their doors
This last point is an important one. A number of Anglican churches around the world have varying degrees of inclusion for gay and lesbians such as Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Scotland, and so on. The right has called for the explusion of the US church, some have also added Canada and so it is a question: what other churches in communion have a membership which is at risk to such forces?

And a number of pastors from central Missouri are speaking out against a state constitutional amendment which would prohibit gay marriage. As one of the pastors noted:  There are Christians who believe that God wants a more inclusive world and includes all those, especially those who have been marginalized and oppressed by our society and by our own faith communities." 



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