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Saturday, July 24, 2004

A minister in the Church of Scotland recently presided over the blessing of a same sex union. I wonder if there will be calls to kick Scotland out of the Anglican communion.
correction: I was informed by Simon Says that the Church of Scotland is presbyterian. The anglican body is the Scottish Episcopal Church. I messed up because I assumed since the Church of Wales and the Church of Ireland were anglican, the Church of Scotland must be as well...oops!

And the US House has just recently passed legislation which eliminates the judiciary's power to review cases which deal with same sex unions. This tactic is also in the works with legislation banning oversight over cases dealing with the pledge of the alliegance. Is the desire to target gay and lesbians so strong that our system with it's checks and balances is worth running rough shod over? Apparently so.


At 5:59 PM , Blogger Simon said...

The *Church of Scotland* is not part of the Anglican Communion. It is presbyterian in polity. Anglicans in Scotland belong to the Scottish Episcopal Church.


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