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Sunday, July 04, 2004

A lot of mas been made of the polls showing religious voters favoring Bush over Kerry by almost 2 to 1. But is this an appropriate way to protray this issue? Kerry doesn't seem to have much of a problem attracting certain religious voters. Kerry has the support of 3 out of 4 Jewish voters. Among Muslims, 54% favor Kerry and only 3% support Bush. Among non-christian religions as whole, 3 to 1 support Kerry over Bush. The Catholic vote appears split down the middle.

So it would be more accurate to say that Kerry has a protestant problem then a religion problem. Of course given the number of protestants in this country, this is a real issue which needs to be addressed by the campaign. But the answer will probably look different if it's understood that Kerry attracts certain religious folks and not others then when it's protrayed as a secular/religious divide.

And in a heart breaking vote, the Presbyterian's assembly voted to retain the ban on gay and lesbian ordination. In terms of opposition to discrimination in the civil area this assembly was more then I had ever expected. But the church ban, which has turned away too many good people, some of whom I consider as theological mentors, from ordained ministry is a scar on the church and a tragedy.


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