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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Jewish journal Forward picked up on two actions of the Presbyterian's recent nat'l gathering. One was the passage of a resolution which called for a disinvestment campaign from Israel. The other decision was to continue the denominational funding of a messianic jewish congregation. A number of moderate to liberal Jewish voices have also voiced dismay over such actions.
A senior interreligious advisor for the American Jewish Committee called it a "catastrophe". The senior vice president of the liberal Union for Reform Judaism called it "heavey handed". And the Anti Defamation League had this to say: The recent actions of the General Assembly calls into question the efforts of interfaith dialogue between Presbyterians and Jews. 
While there may be disagreement about the best course of action in Israel, targeting Jews for conversion and treating Israel unlike any other nation in the world ought to make us question what the mainline is up to in terms of Jewish-Christian relations.  This partnership has been so central for much of the progressive changes which have occurred over the last 60 years or more, including today's fight for gay and lesbian equality, that a careless disregard for such an alliance ought to be a concern for anyone of a liberal stripe. 
And a United Church of Canada minister recounts his first experience presiding over a same sex marriage. It's a moving account which includes the homily he gave at the ceremony. As he writes: But the one overarching thing I can tell you is that looking into the faces of the couple I saw love.  I saw committment.  I saw exactly the things you would hope/expect to find in a couple wanting to get married.   


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