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Friday, July 09, 2004

I've been thinking of Mandeville's Parable of the Bees which was penned in the 1700s. The lesson of the story was that unbridled self interest left free to pursue it's ends is all a society needs to organize itself. Modern conservatism has come to embrace this view, at least in terms of the distribution of goods in society.

Evidence of this can be seen with Hillary Clinton's recent comments about a common good. Her comments were met with shock, disbelief and charges of communism, by those on the right. If conservatives can't talk about a common good then how can they relate to the Christian and western moral traditions? Upon what basis can they talk about values?

The World Parliament of Religions is meeting in Barcelona, Spain. Over 6,500 folks representing a broad range of religions have come together to address some pressing problems from religious violence to third world debt. This sort of interfaith work is important work given the nature of the issues we face today.

An additional reason to not vote for Bush was provided by more than 4,000 scientists, including 48 Nobel Prize winners and 127 members of the National Academy of Sciences who accuse the Bush administration of distorting and suppressing science to suit its political goals. It's an issue which merits attention during this campaign seaon.


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