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Saturday, July 31, 2004

I wanted to highlight two blogs Transparent Eye and Social Gospel Today which make for interesting reads, the first for it's theological depth and the latter for it's connecting faith and a progressive political vision.

A number of folks have been praising the speech by my future senator Barak Obama, especially his mastery of religious language in the presentation of his ideas. A bit of boasting: I voted for him in the primary and will be doing all I can to work for his election this fall. His speech, which spoke of one America was one of the most moving moment in politics I've seen for a long time.

One of the challenges though, which I have not seen raised much, is how to negotiate one's use of religious language in a way which can include not just religious folks such as myself, but all Americans, including those who do not identify with religion. Not an easy task but an essential one in a pluralistic society, such as our own.

And it's been 30 years now since women have been ordained as priests in the Episcopal Church. The denomination's website has a number of suggestions one might take up to celebrate this event. My favorite is the suggestion to write women clergy who you know in the church, who have made an impact on your life and thank them for their ministry.


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