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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Apparently blogstudio is undergoing a number of major difficulties which has made doing anything on my site impossible. So I've made a decision to move my blog back to blogger, where I first started this enterprise.

I've noticed that many of my posts are of a pessimistic nature. And keeping with such a posture I had little expectations over what might be accomplished at the Presbyterian's national gathering. But so far there has been a number of positive developments coming forth which have surprised me. Apparently my sense of where the denomination is at is off, which is a good thing.

The general assembly started off by selecting a new moderator who favors gay and lesbian inclusion in the church and who has a history of peace activism. Then a church commission has recommended to the general assembly the scrapping of what is known as an "authoritative interpetation" of the church's constitution which forbids the ordination of active gays and lesbians. It is up to the general assembly whether to accept or reject such recommendations. But this is setting up to be a very different gathering then the United Methodists who with vote after vote sought to exclude gays and lesbians from the life of the church.


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