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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Since my blogstudio is facing some technical difficulties I thought I'd start posting on my blogger account so that I can try this site and it's new features on for size.

In the Orlando Sentinel, Kathleen Parker claims that gay marriage would clash with the separation of church and state. Apparently if such marriages are made legal there would be efforts to institute coercion on those churches which do not recognize such unions. This certainly would violate the first amendment but I'm at a loss to see why she thinks this would occur.

It is illegal to discriminate based on gender and yet churches are free to not ordain women. There are neither lawsuits nor attempts by outside groups to force equal rights in the church. It's also illegal to discriminate based on creed and religious belief. Yet churches are free to do this in their hiring of ministers and there has been no movement or pressure on the churches to do otherwise. Why would gay and lesbian equality under the law produce a different situation for the church then the other examples I gave?

And if having a different legal standard than what the church's pursue is so unsettling for this columnist has she considered the impact on those churches which do bless gay unions when it is illegal in most of the country? So far two Unitarian clergy in NY are facing legal charges from the state. And of course conservative funders such as Richard Scaife have poured a lot of money into the mainline protestant bodies so as to prevent gay and lesbian inclusion. You may remember the name from several years ago when he was funding efforts to unseat Clinton. If there are outside groups who are trying to determine how the churches act, the source has been from the right.

And a note of congratulations to Canada. For the fouth consecutive national election, the right has been deprived of power. And this time the left New Democrats picked up a number of seats, including EdBroadbent in Ontario. He was the leader of that party in the late eighties. Several years ago when I was doing a road trip with a friend through Canada I had a chance to meet Ed Broadbent. I was visiting Ottawa and ran into him outside the front steps of the parliament building. Ended up talking with him and getting his autograph.

Monday, June 07, 2004

I'm still active over at blogstudio, but I see blogger has some new toys, so thought I'd update this site with a picture of the altar which is to be found at Drake University's chapel. That chapel is finally actively being used again thanks to the efforts of the Society of Saints Barlaam and Josaphat.