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This site hopefully can provide some vehicle by which I can comment, complain, and once in a while praise the state of religion in this country and around the world from a liberal protestant perspective.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Ok....several things to mention for this site.

One is, I had a month where I was unable to post. Now they have this problem fixed. But another problem plagues me. I'm unable to delete posts, thus the long series of almost identical posts (which occurred when I was trying to post and was unable to). The uposhot of all this is....blogger is a pain.

I've moved quite a while ago to a new blog site but was unable to really post it on here, because of all the difficulties. But the new location is


I'll keep this site up, since I already had a good number of posts that one might as well keep. But join me over at blogstudio for updated posts.