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Thursday, August 07, 2003

"Yes, there's a lot of fear, but I happen to believe the love of God can overcome that," Rev. Susan Russell in response to Gene Robinson's election as bishop of New Hampshire

Dang, I'm sorry about taking so long to post. I hopped in my geo from Minneapolis and spent the whole day driving home on Tuesday. I heard the news on NPR that Robinson was cleared of the charges and his election as bishop of New Hamsphire was consented to by the House of Bishops.

In the meantime there has been some other news. The House of Bishops decided to not go forward with same sex blessings. It seems like any step forward, includes a step backward as well. *sighs* But it should be noted that the bishops did affirm that dioceses will vary on their approach and gave them leeway to individually pursue same sex blessings and at the same time recognized the legitimacy and sacredness to be found in loving, committed same sex relations.

I'm delighted by the comments, including one who left a blog which is worth checking out. Actually there are two blogs who have followed this debate closely which deserves one's attention.

  • Natalie Davis's All Facts and Opinions has done some work both covering events and reactions surrounding Gene Robinson's election as bishop.
  • Hugo Boy Has followed the convention and the events as well surrounding Robinson

    I plan to post tomorrow some reflections about my experience at the convention and where the state of the Episcopal Church might be. And to wrestle with the question that one person raised in the comments section...can liberals and conservatives live together in a worshipping community?

    In other news, I have to state my excitement aboutArianna Huffington's decision to run for governor. She'll not just add flavor but actually put forward a progressive alternative to Davis and the Terminator.


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