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Monday, July 14, 2003

With the presidential election up and coming, I was delighted to come across this website

  • Progressive Christians for Dean

  • The issues that are affected with the 2004 election are too great for people of faith to not get involved. Dean has certainly perked my interest with his courageous truth telling about this administration and it's foreign policy record. His opposition to war has attracted a number of religious folks. And I do think he's got a shot.

    But not to put a damper on everything, but there should be some things which give people pause. He has and continues to support the death penalty and he has not talked about cutting military spending. One can understand that in the post 9-11 world such talk may not be popular. But the problem is that under Bush, military spending has increased by 72% in just 2 years and will soon squeeze out any possible meeting of social needs. There is no way we can address the issues such as the lack of health care and so on without cutting at this run away pentagon budget. So while I tip my hat off to Dean for what he has said so far about this war. I'd encourage him and others to address the issue of military spending. And in the mean time to look at two other presidential candidates who have raised this issue.

  • Dennis Kucinich

  • Mary Cal Hollis

  • Dennis Kucinich has also spoken of the idea of making non-violence an organizing principle in our society. In the spirit of this, the United Church of Christ has just passed a resolution which deserves to be be considered by the church and the society at large. The basic idea is that there should be a global non-violent peace force which can go into troubled regions around the world and that would be equipped with skills, resources to aid in conflict resolution and the rebuilding of war torn regions.

  • for the text of the resolution


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