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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Well the tactics of some evangelicals against gays and lesbians in the Church of England grow more ugly every day.

  • Threats to Clergy Continue

  • In times like these when battle lines are being drawn on who can or cannot be a Christian, H. Richard Neibuhr's quote below, has particular relevance today. I will note, that I abridged the quote from his work The Responsible Self.

    I call myself a Christian though there are those who challenge my right to that name... because they require a Christian to maintain some one of various sets of beliefs that I do not hold. I call myself a Christian...because I identify myself with what I understand to be the cause of Jesus. That cause I designate simply as the reconciliation of man to God...I will quarrel with no one about the precise ways in which Jesus reconciles men to God or challenges men to undertake with him the ministry of reconciliation. I am quite certain that reconciliation, as the establishment of friendship between God and man-between the power by which all things are and this human race of ours-has more aspects to it then have been dreamed of in our theologies. Jesus is for me...the one who lived...for this cause of bringing God to men and men to God and so also of reconciling men to each other and to their world. The establishment of this friendship is to me the key problem in human existence...because I have been challenged to make this cause my own-therefore I call myself a Christian.


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