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Thursday, July 31, 2003

There apparently has been an attempt to paint Democrats in the Senate as anti-religious and anti-Catholic because of their opposition to Alabama's Attorney General Bill Pryor, Bush's appointment to the 11th circuit court. It's got to be one of those events which serve as a marker of how low political discourse has gone these days.

One should find it an odd thing that Catholic senators like Sen. Dick Durbin (D)-IL, are opposed to Pryor because of his catholicism. The issue has always been Pryor's record . His record in stead fast opposition to the separation of church and state alone makes him unfit to serve. Not his religion.

Of course many religious folks, including some denominations are on record in support of separation of church and state. There's nothing inherently religious about Pryors views. This might be illustrated in noting that non religious folks like David Horrowitz have views very similar to Pryors, and religious groups from the Seventh Day Adventists to the American Baptists are in opposition to Pryors views.

A site worth checking out on the Interfaith Alliances' website includes a number of speeches by some prominent religious leaders, including former Episcopal bishop Jane Dixon, on this issue and the misuse of religion that the GOP is intent on perpetuating.



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