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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Ok...pushing the panentheism discussion off till tomorrow. In the meantime there have been a number of interesting stories to pop up.

First the Danish Lutheran minister who was suspended for his disbelief in a "physical God" was re-instated. This reinstatement occurred, after Rev.Grosboll regretted the press surrounding his statements which he said were misconstrued and simplified (which is something I suspected earlier on in this blog). One suspects the amount of support from his local congregation helped as well. So that goes in the good news department.

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  • Secondly, there apparently was a meeting which took place with various conservative primates and bishops in the Anglican communion to strategize about what to do if the Episcopal Church ok's the nomination of gay candidate Gene Robinson to be bishop of New Hampshire and if the church ok's same sex unions in a few weeks at their general convention in Minneapolis.

    What is striking is the language that the bishops use, which claims that the Episcopal Church is separating themselves from the Anglican communion if they support gay and lesbians. The problem is the Episcopal Church has no intention on leaving the communion. It's these conservative bishops who claim they will in fact disassociate from the Episcopal Church. There must be something to this whole freudian idea of projection.

    Despite some of the language coming out of these conservative groups, the Episcopal Church is not alone on these issues in the worldwide Anglican communion. The Wesminster Diocese in Canada now blesses same sex unions. There was a nomination, which was made (even if not successfully carried out) for a gay bishop in the UK. And folks from the former primate of Scotland to Archbishop Desmond Tutu have been forthright in their support of gay and lesbian inclusion in the church.

    I plan to go up and attend the first three or four days of the Episcopal convention in Minneapolis and hang out and I'll be reporting on the blog of any interesting news coming from the convention as well as any other experiences which are had there.

  • Statement which came from the conservative bishops meeting

  • Statement by Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church Frank Griswold

  • An article from the Episcopal News Service on this whole affair


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