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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I suppose now that I'm working on a second week of posting, it's not odd that one could be tempted to enter into a conversation with issues raised on other blogs. I was looking at the My Irony blog and discovered some helpful pointers to an integrated religious vision as well as a discussion of panentheism.There are a number of things I find agreement with but some key items that I diverge on. Tomorrow I'll go into those differences in a more thorough fashion. But on the issue of panentheism I'll leave you tonight with a quote.

"In any case, whatever the name, the meaning (of God) is selective. For it involves no miscellaneous worship of everything in general. It selects those factors in existence that generate and support our idea of good as an end to be striven for. It excludes a multitude of forces that at any given time are irrelevant to this function."- John Dewey


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